From R&D services to complex exclusive synthesis in industrial scale

Allessa Technologies

Light-emitting organic substances, liquid crystal materials, materials for fuel cells, metallocenes and ligands for homogenous catalysts, special boronic acids, or pharmaceutical intermediates – many high-tech applications have one thing in common: the underlying chemistry. In addition, the factor time is increasingly important. A reduced time-to-market secures the leading innovative position. In chemistry this refers to a fast and reliable transfer from laboratory to industrial scale and the flexible supply of initial and production quantities. Allessa Technologies specializes in providing this service. In order to provide your intermediates flexibly and reliably, we offer:

  • 85 qualified staff members (e.g. chemists as well as chemical engineers)
  • R&D and piloting center
  • A large number of highly flexible multi-purpose facilities
  • Special technologies
  • Excellent infrastructure at the company sites in Frankfurt-Höchst and -Fechenheim


More than just words

We are among the best providers of process development services including initial sample preparations and scale up. Competence in providing solutions, guaranteed quality and speed enable us to win customers and maintain their satisfaction. We develop new, high-quality products and innovative, economic manufacturing processes customized to requirements – quickly, efficiently and at fair prices. Our services comply with stringent ESH standards.

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